Rose Park Sunday School (Adults and Children) at 8:45 a.m. / Worship at 9:45 a.m.

Madison Sunday School (Adults and Children) 10:15 a.m. / Worship at 11:15 a.m.

January 17, 2021, ZOOM worship link

Here is the worship link for today’s service. Blessings to all for a week of non-violent transfer of power. Link: Passcode:...

January 17, 2021

Soul Friend Based on 1Samuel 3:1-10, Psalm 139, John 1:43-51           In the Prologue of his book, “Anam Cara” (which translates to soul friend), John O’Donohue writes, “…Human presence is a creative and turbulent...

ZOOM link for January 10, 2021 worship service

May this service challenge and bless you all! Link: Passcode: fZ!8Ty8&

January 10, 2021 – Baptism of Jesus

Seeking Order Based on Genesis 1:1-5, Acts 19:1-7, Mark 1:4-11           I am often amazed by that fact that Lectionary scriptures are chosen years in advance and how frequently they speak directly to the times we are...

ZOOM link for 1/3/2021

Here’s the link to today’s service. May it bring you and “Epiphany”. Link: Passcode: 7Z==iv!!